The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll
Ragdolls were named by their founder, Anne Baker, due to their laid back disposition. They are generally large, gentle, relaxed cats.  Very people orientated who become very attached to their owners and generally get on well with other pets and children.
They have a sweet expression and are large and muscular giving an overall impression of elegance, balance and power.  They grow into large, lovable cats and a neutered male can tip the scales at 20lbs plus.  Females are generally smaller.
They all have beautiful blue eyes and a fine, silky, semi-long hair coat that is not as demanding as a persian.  If unattended it can matt but usually a weekly groom will keep this under control.  A ruff frames its beautiful head with a wide ear set and, hopefully, the distinctive retrousse nose. They develop long 'knickerbockers' on the back legs and have beautiful, long plumed tails.
They are a slow maturing breed and can take up to four years to reach full maturity.  All kittens are cute but a fully mature Ragdoll looks truly stunning.  They certainly get better with age. They are a 'pointed' cat they are born completely white and their markings appear over a period of time.  They go through a teenager phase where they look long and gangly, with ears to big for their heads and looking a bit pale around the points but over time this all comes together and that 'ugly duckling' turns into a beautiful swan.
I strongly recommend that you keep your Ragdoll as an indoor cat.  Like all cats they are very curious and there are too many dangers in the outside world that may tempt them.  They can be trained on a harness and lead and can also benefit from a secure, outdoor run.  Ragdolls do love company, just like any other animal, and if you are out for long periods of time you may consider getting another cat to keep it company.  It does not always have to be another Ragdoll. They like to play throughout their adult lives and some will retrieve given half the chance. 
There are three patterns in the breed, the colourpointed, mitted and bi-colour and they come in the colours seal, blue, red, cream, tortie point and there are also tabby points.  Chocolate and lilac are very rare in the UK (please read page on chocolate and lilac Ragdolls for further information).